Need to Draft a Prenuptial Agreement? Attorney Devaney Can Help.

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A prenuptial agreement explains how a couple's marital assets will be divided in the event that they separate or get divorced. At The Law Offices Of Kenneth M. Devaney in Lake Bluff & Lake Forest, IL, you can request a contract that protects the assets that you had before you got married, as well as any future earnings. Our prenuptial agreement attorney will draft a contract that makes your financial responsibilities crystal clear.

If you're on the fence about drawing up a prenuptial agreement, attorney Devaney can explain the benefits of having this type of legal contract. Initial consultations are free, so don't hesitate to make an appointment.

Get ongoing support after you get divorced

Any changes that you make to the terms of your divorce are called post-judgments. Attorney Devaney can help you modify your:

  • Child or spousal support payments
  • Child custody arrangement
  • Visitation schedule
If you were laid off or your spouse got a better-paying job, our post-judgment attorney can help you request modifications that take these lifestyle changes into account. Visit our attorney's office in Lake Bluff, IL today to get personalized assistance.

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