The Law Offices of Kenneth M. Devaney


Kenneth M. Devaney is a trusted family lawyer serving Chicago’s North Shore. A native of Lake Bluff, Mr. Devaney specializes in all areas of family and matrimonial law, collaborative law and mediation—including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, marital settlements, and child-custody and child-support matters.

Mr. Devaney is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, the Lake County Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association; he is a certified Mediator for the Lake County Family Law Division Mediation Program.

Why Us?

The Law Offices of Kenneth M. Devaney is dedicated to offering the finest family-law services on Chicago’s North Shore. We deliver optimal results for our clients through litigation or negotiated settlement.

Family law is nuanced and often complex. We understand that every case is unique and demands careful consideration and attention to detail.

Finally, and above all, we treat every client with professionalism and respect. We prize responsiveness and punctuality, and we address our clients concerns with utmost sensitivity and discretion.

Other Areas Of Practice

The Law Offices of Kenneth M. Devaney can assist in other legal matters, including but not limited to personal injury law, civil law contracts, bankruptcy, foreclosure and traffic issues.

Please call us at 847-905-9437 for a free consultation, and we look forward to helping you.


Ken Devaney experienced Attorney graduated from Marquette and Thomas M Cooley law school