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At Ken Devaney Law, we are dedicated to our clients. Every day, we help people like you get their lives back on track by fighting their legal battles for them.

We are dedicated to providing excellent representation for our clients. We utilize alternative methods in order to maintain contact with each client and ensure that you remain informed of the various issues involved with your situation. We understand that you may be going through a very difficult time and during this process you have other responsibilities that constantly fight for your attention.

Our firm has extensive experience working with clients to help them handle their legal problems, without running up a huge legal bill. We give our clients a range of legal options, and we will work with you to select the right choice for you and your family.

As family law attorneys, we provide legal advice and counsel in virtually all areas of family law. As divorce and child custody attorneys, we are skilled at mediation, negotiation and litigation. Whenever possible, we obtain favorable results for our clients outside the courtroom. We recognize the emotional and financial cost to our clients. As child custody attorneys, we consistently protect our clients’ rights as parents as well as the best interests of the involved children. Ken Devaney Law also provides an experienced team of attorneys, focusing on helping clients in financial distress.

  • Over a Decade of Experience
  • Certified Family Mediator
  • Superb Reputation with the Court
  • Dedicated Professionals
  • Responsive to Client Needs
  • 100% Client Focused
  • Low Costs, Flat Fees

Recent Testimonials

I was, and still am, extremely satisfied with Ken Devaney's work and with the outcome of my case. Ken strives to be there for his clients, and I was no exception...I would happily recommend Ken Devaney to anyone who is seeking legal assistance after suffering a severe injury.

Thomas M.
Thomas M.

The first time we went to see Ken we were impressed with his sincerity and felt confident that he was the person we wanted to represent us. He kept us informed throughout the whole process and anytime we had a question we could call him and he would take the time to talk with us. I would highly recommend Ken Devaney to anyone needing an attorney.

Jeff B.
Jeff B.